Programme:        Erasmus+

Key Action:          Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action:                  Strategic Partnerships

Call 2016

Round 1


Discovering my talents


“Every individual has different talents and special quality. And, there are ways to identify and bring them out. “


The aim of this project is to discover the hidden talents of pupils and motivate them through the display of their skills with in-school and out of school activities. The activities will include, but not limited to art exhibitions, music concerts, sports competitions and more.


We believe that, this will help students gain confidence while increasing educational success and strengthen the bond to school. By doing that, we are aiming to avoid problems such as early school leaving and help develop communication skills.



The objectives pursued will be;

– Identify various skills of students and help them develop those skills with the support of their teachers and their families,

– Provide opportunities for further training and display of talented works,

– Engage teachers on adopting new techniques and methods on how to determine hidden talents,

– Advise families for future career building options, based on determined skills,

– Increase school performance by establishing a stronger bond to school,

– Avoid early school leaving by motivating all students and cultivating their passion through school,

– Increase competence of foreign languages for both teachers and students.

– Observe and understand practices, policies and systems in education across partner countries,

– Disseminate and publish activities through printed and online media.

– Mainstream and spread outcomes via evidenced results.



It will be a 2-year project.


There are 9 countries involved; Turkey, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece.


The target groups will be students (aged 9 to 16), teachers and families.


The methodology of the project is based on the following 3 phases:

  1. Preparation

In this phase, the countries will get ready for the execution phase and conduct needs analysis with surveys and interviews. The areas of interest will be determined and activities will be planned. In general, each partner school will plan an unlimited amount of activities, however, one of them will be an international event with the participation of other schools. The average duration of the activities will be 4-5 days.


  1. Implementation

-The two year project has been divided to four quarters and in each quarter there will be an average of two miscellaneous activities executed, hosted by a country, with the participation of other partner schools.

-There will be a project meeting, in the beginning of each year to plan and organize the events.

-There will also be a project meeting, in the end of each education year to evaluate the activities.


  1. Follow-up

-The dissemination of outputs will be a continuous task and the evaluation of the impacts will be reported to public via online and printed media tools, such as school magazines, web sites, social media, CDs, DVDs and more.

-New techniques and methods adopted will be recorded and shared among all participants as well as regional and international stakeholders.